Oxygen for India

Recently,  the reported number of new COVID cases in India averages 400,000 per day.  Since the Pandemic began 230,000 deaths had been recorded with the official estimates being almost 4,000 deaths every day.  Please consider helping.

Due to the extreme pressure being placed on the Indian Health services, and many people dying before they can be diagnosed, it is believed that the actual cases and deaths are many times higher than the official figures. To provide oxygen generators to the remote areas of India, we have formed the India Relief Committee and created the District 7475 India Relief Fund. The funds will run through the Rotary District 7475 Foundation.  We are partnering with Disaster Aid USA / Disaster Aid International who are handling the procurement and logistics of this operation. Disaster Aid, a Rotary-based charity, works with partners to make a real difference to smaller communities that might otherwise miss out on support. Typically, these are the more rural areas, domestically and internationally.

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