Officers and Members




Tom Damm

The president is responsible for leading and motivating the club, ensuring that club members feel valued, inspired, and connected to each other.  Responsibilities:

  • Preside over club and board meetings
  • Appoint committee chairs and members
  • Conduct club assemblies
  • Create a budget and work with the treasurer to manage club finances
  • Develop a safe environment for youth participants
  • Work with your district governor and assistant governor

Vice President

Chris Reetz

The vice president presides at meetings of the club and the board in the absence of the president and performs other duties as ordinarily pertain to the office of vice-president.


Scott Bondi

As club secretary you help your club run smoothly and effectively. You also monitor club trends to help identify strengths and areas for improvement. Responsibilities:

  • Maintain membership records
  • Maintain attendance records
  • Maintain minutes of board meetings
  • Submit required reports to the District


Sharon Lucidi

Co-treasurer: Ray Nowak

The club treasurer oversees all funds and provides an accounting of them.  As club treasurer you play an important role in your club’s ability to carry out service projects, fundraise, and support The Rotary Foundation.  Responsibilities:

  • Manage club funds
  • Collect and submit dues and fees
  • Report on the state of your club’s finances
  • Work with The Rotary Foundation
  • Pay or view your club invoice. The club invoice is based on the number of members in Rotary’s database for your club as of July 1 and January 1.


Chris Reetz

The functions of a Sergeant-at-Arms are to help maintain an orderly, dignified, and effective Rotary club meeting, one that will make a positive impression on club members, visitors, and guests.  Responsibilities:

  • Maintain order at meetings
  • Identify and collect fines and Happy/Sad Dollars


The primary responsibility of all directors is to contribute toward the success of the vision, goals and activities of the club.


Tom Damm
Joe Bellina
Joe Cavone
Teresa Caro
Linda Gearren
Chris Reetz
Sharon Lucidi
Ray Nowak
Scott Biondi
Ken Diener
Ed Drag

Rotary Club of Robbinsville Hamilton Foundation, Inc.

Board of Trustees:

Tom Damm
Sharon Lucidi
Ray Nowak
Scott Biondi
Ed Drag

 Club Members:

Joseph Bellina, Scott Biondi, Gregory Blair, Bill Boyles, Michael Brescio, Sonya Bright, JoAnne Bruno, Andre Caldini, Teresa Caro, Joseph Cavone, Anjali Chatterjee, Bill Coleman, Thomas Damm, Kenneth Diener, Edward Drag, Jessica Federman, Linda Gearren, Joseph Giambelluca, Judy Goldstein, Danely Gonzalez, Nevell Greenough, Niveda Horaginamani, Jeff Hurley, Christopher Kelly, Tom Lanigan, Michael Lento, Sharon Lucidi, Christopher Merlino, Wayne Mernone, Janice Miller, Umang Naik, Paul Neu, Raymond Nowak, George Ott, Kalpana Patel, Keith Platt, AnnMarie Potts, Chris Reetz, Simeon Rochonchou, Cynthia Rosen, Wally Sawka, Dan Sczweck, Mark Setaro, Marilyn Silverman, Jodi Stephens, Edna Stout, Wendy Sturgeon, Kimberly Swartz, Joy Tozzi, Derik Whittaker, Steven Woods